Writing Challenge

One of the first stages in the process of studying an undeciphered script is to make a list of all the signs which appear in inscriptions.

By making this list, scholars are able to begin working out how many signs were used to write the script. After completing a list, a scholar will look at how the signs appear in inscriptions.

You are a young epigrapher studying the Indus script. The scholar you work with has gone away and left you with a partially completed sign list. Your job is to look at a fresh batch of Indus seals and add the signs on the seals to your list. You will need to decide whether each sign you 'take off' a seal is a new sign, or is the same as one which is already on the list.

When you have finished, you will need to send your list to three experts. The experts will tell you what they think of how you have analysed the signs, and tell you anything else they know about the signs. Good luck.