Indian history timeline
* 3500B.C.
* 3400B.C.
* 3300B.C.
* 3200B.C.
* 3100B.C. Early settlements develop in Indus Valley
* 3000B.C.
* 2900B.C.
* 2800B.C.
* 2700B.C.
* 2600B.C. Early settlements develop into urban civilization 
 Indus script used
* 2500B.C.  Great Bath  is built at Mohenjo-daro
* 2400B.C.
* 2300B.C.
* 2200B.C.
* 2100B.C.
* 2000B.C.
* 1900B.C.  Decline of Indus Civilization
* 1800B.C. Movement of Aryan groups into India
* 1700B.C.
* 1600B.C.
* 1500B.C. Oral composition of the Vedas 
* 1400B.C.
* 1300B.C.
* 1200B.C.
* 1100B.C.
* 1000B.C.
* 900B.C. Oral composition of the  Mahabharata 
* 800B.C.
* 700B.C. Oral composition of the Upanishads 
* 600B.C. Birth of Siddhartha Gautama 
Indus Valley region becomes part of Persian Empire 
* 500B.C. Death of Vardhamana Mahavira 
 Death of the Buddha 
Oral composition of the Ramayana 
* 400B.C.  Alexander the Great attacks north-western India
 Mauryan Empire founded
* 300B.C.  Introduction of Sanskrit and Prakrit languages
 Brahmi and Kharosthi scripts in use
 Ashoka converts to Buddhism
* 200B.C. Mauryan Empire collapses  
 Stupa built at Mohenjo-daro site
* 100B.C.
* 0A.D. Introduction of Christianity into India
* 100A.D. Composition of the Bhagavad Gita 
* 200A.D.
* 300A.D. Beginning of Gupta rule over India 
Buddhist scholars travel to China 
* 400A.D.  First Hindu temple built
* 500A.D.
* 600A.D.  Translation of Buddhist texts into Chinese
* 700A.D. Introduction of Zoroastrianism into India
Development of Dravidian script 
* 800A.D.
* 900A.D.
* 1000A.D.  Introduction of Islam into India
* 1100A.D.
* 1200A.D.
* 1300A.D.
* 1400A.D.  Birth of Nanak 
* 1500A.D.  Death of Nanak 
* 1600A.D.
* 1700A.D.
* 1800A.D. Early visitors to Harappa
 Decipherment of Brahmi and Kharosthi scripts
Discovery of first Indus seal 
* 1900A.D.  Discovery of Mohenjo-daro 
Excavations begin at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro 
 Excavation of Indus Valley sites continues
* 2000A.D.