'The Pilgrim's Journey'

You are a pilgrim making your way to see the holy sites of the Buddha's life. You have decided to make the long and difficult journey to the sites in northern India and you hope to be present at one of the sites for the Buddhist festival of Buddha Purnima. You only have 125 days to complete your journey or you will miss the festival.

You will be making the journey on foot and you will only be able to cover a set distance every day. A pilgrim from your city has given you instructions to help you make your journey. Use the compass to move in any direction. Each move is the equivalent of five days journey, but the distance you can travel in this time will depend on the type of terrain you are crossing. Make sure that you are present at a site on the festival day.

Mountains - Travelling across a mountainous area could slow down your journey. You will only be able to travel a short distance each day.

Plains - Travelling over the plains is a good idea. You will be able to travel a reasonable distance each day.

Desert - Travelling across the desert will be very difficult. You will only be able to travel a very short distance each day.

Rivers - With so many pilgrims on the route crossing the river would slow down your journey. You will need to wait to be ferried across. This might slow down your journey.